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As a homeowner, you play an important role in the timely sale of your property. When you take the following steps below, you’ll help your agent sell your house faster, at the best possible price. The easiest and most reliable way to improve a home's appeal is to enlist an expert who can help you highlight its best attributes.

Whatever the situation may be, we help you find a solution. We're professional and very understanding. So be assured that we will handle your transaction quickly with no hassles. There are no upfront fees to pay.

Let's Sell Your Home

...But How?
  • Use the Internet. Search for a local agent using our find an agent feature.
  • Call 1st Choice Realty to find an agent
  • Define your needs: Why are you selling? Do you need to sell?
  • Name your price: Determine realistic pricing with your agent
  • Prepare your home: Arrange for any repairs necessary on the home
  • Get the word out: Again, experience pays. Find an agent who is savvy about technology. Advertise by all available means including word-of-mouth
  • Receive/Negotiate an offer something should go here
  • Prepare to move The countdown to close is ticking, no time to waste
  • Prepare to move The countdown to close is ticking, no time to waste
  • Close, record, and move out

At the Right Price, You Can Sell Anything

We offer free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

What is a Comparative Market Analysis? A CMA is a market assessment of your home. It provides guidance as to a suggested price that your home could sell for, the average amount of days that homes similar to yours have been on the market, amongst many other tidbits that could assist in the successful sale of your home.

Contact us today for your Free CMA

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